Save Site as a template fails - Not a publishing site

I tried saving a lightly customized team site as a template but no matter what I did, it failed.

I tried it from the site settings.

I tried PowerShell:
asnp *sh*

$Web=Get-SPWeb https://webapp/sites/template

Which failed with this error:
Exception calling "SaveAsTemplate" with "4" argument(s): "Error generating solution files in temporary directory."

Long story of troubleshooting omitted. Here is what I found to be the issue: Document Parsing is disabled to prevent a required field to prevent Office docs from allowing drag and drop updates--a workaround that keeps biting me.

Once I ran this:
asnp *sh*

$Web=Get-SPWeb https://webapp/sites/template

$web.ParserEnabled = $true


I was then able to save the site as a template successfully. 


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