Unknown server tag 'AdminControls:CreateSiteTooltipBar'. when creating site after May 2017 Cumulative Update SharePoint 2013

After updating to the May 2017 CU for SharePoint 2013, I could no longer create site collections from Central Admin.

I received this error:
Unknown server tag 'AdminControls:CreateSiteTooltipBar'.

I made a backup copy of the createsite.aspx file location here:
C:\Program Files\Common Files\microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\15\TEMPLATE\ADMIN

then I edited the file in place and removed the section from the bottom of the page:

This was in all my SharePoint farms but didn't cause an issue in all of them.

I reported the issue to Microsoft. I will post a permanent fix if one becomes available.

You may also use PowerShell New-SPsite to create sites as a work-around.

Save Site as a template fails - Not a publishing site

I tried saving a lightly customized team site as a template but no matter what I did, it failed.

I tried it from the site settings.

I tried PowerShell:


Which failed with this error:
Exception calling "SaveAsTemplate" with "4" argument(s): "Error generating solution files in temporary directory."

Long story of troubleshooting omitted. Here is what I found to be the issue: Document Parsing is disabled to prevent a required field to prevent Office docs from allowing drag and drop updates--a workaround that keeps biting me.

Once I ran this:


Office Online Server "An item with the same key has already been added" No FileSourceId found for servername.

I was experiencing errors rendering Office Apps from my SharePoint farm after attaching a new Office Online Server to he farm. I saw the following error in the browser:

"The following factors also affect the level of access for" user with excess permissions

I have a user that had access to site settings, all content, etc.

I double checked her access and it was read only but the permissions check tool showed a panel beneath the site permissions that showed Allow for many categories. She had full control.