Event ID 6801 during User Profile Sync SharePoint 2013 on-premise

I noticed a number of event IDs occurring hourly in the application event log on one of my App servers:
FIMSynchronizationService 6801

The user does not exist or is not unique

This occurred with about 30 user profiles out of 3200. I checked the user profiles with a people search. The profiles appeared "blank." They only had the name and login for the users--not the Office, Manager, and other fields everyone else has on their AD accounts.

I looked online for a solution but they were all destructively re-provisioning the UPS. I came up with my own solution. I had to resort to the old stsadm because I don't know the PowerShell equivalent.

Here's how I resolved the issue:
stsadm -o sync -deleteolddatabases 0

Get-SPSite -limit all | % {[Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles.WSSProfileSynch]::ScheduleSiteForFullSynchronization($_); $_.Close()}

Then I kicked off a Full Profile sync by opening Central Admin, go to Monitoring then Review job Definitions. Find the
User Profile Service Application - User Profile to SharePoint Full Synchronization
 Click on it then select Run Now.

Try this before de-provisioning / re-provisioning.

I was able to do this during business hours without impact.

The user profiles that were getting the error had additional properties in them like all the others.

I believe the root cause of the error was moving site collections between content databases.


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