Simple script to log Office versions at startup

I am working with a client that is getting ready to deploy Exchange 2013.  They have a number of Office and Outlook 2003 workstations which we need to upgrade Office to 2007 or 2010 for compatibility reasons.  How do you find those machines quickly without running a script on each machine?  Login scripts!  I found a whole lot of really great scripts by searching the web which enumerate all sorts of Office detail.  This was overkill for our needs.  I wanted something quick and simple.

Here's what I did to address the issue.  The environment already had a login script in batch form.  I simply added this command to the batch file:

dir "c:\program files\microsoft office" /ad >> \\server\share\%USERNAME%-%COMPUTERNAME%.txt

to parse this, I used this simple Powershell command:
get-childitem *.* | select-string -pattern "Office11"

It's not perfect as it continues to show the Office11 folder even after upgrading, but it worked for our needs since Office 2003 wasn't typical but it did indeed exist on dozens of workstations.


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