Co-authoring an Office 2010 document

In a recent demonstration to new Office and SharePoint 2010 clients, I successfully demonstrated how two users can edit the same document at the same time.  Here's how you do it with Word 2010:
  1. Have a SharePoint 2010 document library available.
  2. Create a Word 2010 document
  3. Select the file menu then Save and Send to publish to the SharePoint document Library
  4. Browse to the document library in SharePoint 2010
  5. From a second computer, open Word 2010
  6. Open Internet Explorer, then navigate to the document library
  7. Click the arrow next to the document name and select Edit in Microsoft Word
  8. If you get the Protected View warning banner, click the Enable Editing button
  9. You will see a dialog on the first computer that "username" is editing this document.
  10. Edit some text on each computer.  Click the save button.  Notice it has a double arrow on it.
  11. Each screen should see a dialog which states the Word has refreshed the document with changes made by another author.


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