Symantec Enterprise Vault

A lesson from the field for Enterprise Vault. 8390 Errors. These usually mean that you need to put the DisableLoopbackCheck =1 DWORD in the HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Lsa … But not always. Look for name resolution issues in your environment. Cure these two things and you will most likely solve the problems.

Need to change your Vault service account password? Use the Site Settings where the Service Account tab is located. When you put in the new password it will push the new password to all the services on your site—including the FSA Agent passwords on your file servers. Make sure and relocate the clusters to the passive nodes and run this process again—including and clustered file servers. But that's not all. I have seen a stubborn issue with the Storage Service. Go into Component Services, My Computer, DCOM Settings, and find the StorageServer DCOM application. Right-click on that guy and select Properties. Under the Identity Tab, enter in the new password. There may be other Enterprise Vault DCOM Applications that require this little change. Moral of the story: Don't change that password unless you really have to.



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