Windows Server Backup does NOT backup Ex2k7.

A little tidbit I gathered from studying W2k8:
W2k8 released a new backup technology named Windows Server Backup. Admittedly, client may not consider using this to backup critical Exchange data. However, a few may such as Windows SBS users or EBS users. Personally, I've used NTBackup to save my hide on several occasions specifically in clearing out the transaction logs and creating the CYA backup of a mailbox database.

It turns out that this technology doesn't support Exchange database backups as with W2k3 and previous versions of Windows. With EBS, I found the Exchange database is configured for circular logging by default. (I've heard from MS sources that this changed with the RTM edition of EBS but the Internet documentation hasn't caught up.) I expect SBS is as well.

The basic premise for this is the lack of VSS support for Exchange in W2k8. With third party solutions, an Exchange aware VSS writer? must be provided to send the VSS signals to Exchange to make it backup. Exchange doesn't come with it, nor does W2k8. However, I did find a blog post stating that MS announced they will develope on for the use with Windows Backup Server and release it later this year.

Here are a few links which reveal this:


jaxdagger said…
Coming back to this blog topic... Exchange 2007 SP2 will have the "plug-in" to allow Window Server Backup to perform VSS backups along with log truncation. It will allow you to restore over existing databases and to a recovery storage group as well.
Alex said…
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