Default.aspx not resolving for Central Admin?

I have run into an issue with several Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) farms where I receive a page not found when opening the shortcut to Central Administration. Specifically, the url http://hostname: will not append the default.aspx automatically.

I have found two workarounds for this:

  1. Alter the shortcuts on all front-end servers to go directly to the default.aspx page.

  2. Change the zone for Central Admin from Default to Intranet.

I have narrowed down the cause of the issue to include one of these conditions:

  • Changing the front-end server hosting Central Admin using the Advanced button in Setup

  • Using MOSS for Search with two or more front-end servers.

Changing the Central Admin via Setup alone won't always cause this. Using MOSS for Search also usually works. But in the cases where I have encountered this, one of the two conditions were true.

Please post a comment if you have seen this issue.


ICT My way said…
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ICT My way said…
For Central Admin, the easiest work-around is. Remove CentralAdmin with the Wizard, and install it again with the wizard.

Not yet a resolution for the SSP site

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